Summer Days in France

Summer Days in France

Not so many words, just a selection of photo’s from our recent couple of weeks in France visiting my parents, because today I miss them.

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I can’t wait to skype them next week and show them around our new pad and for the kids to tell them all about our adventures so far. They’re in the absolute middle of nowhere at the moment, and it’s the perfect antidote to our busy lives to go and visit them out there for a couple of weeks, but I would like to talk to them now please….


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  1. December 19, 2016 / 11:56 am

    Am so very glad I found your blog/ insta feed. Wow. Huge stuff. But also Yay! Someone else whose parents live in France (although I expect Australia to France as opposed to UK to France would make the feeling of ‘I’m all alone’ a little different and Singapore would make it bigger. .Oh God I make no sense- little sleep, teething bub. Just Yay. Love reading & how did you convince your parents to use Skype? Mine refuse. Advice?